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The entire world is going crazy because of these fidget spinners. It started as a small project, but now it is the whole industry. They have different shapes, colors, sizes. Even mobile applications were made where you just swipe across the screen and it just spins. It is obvious that io game would eventually come out as well. Here you have it – Enter your nickname, select skin and start spinning. Collect small dots and spin faster. Higher the speed is, deadlier you are. If the difference between two collided spinners is too high, slower one dies immediately. But in case these numbers are close to each other, both lose points (speed) and they burst around them. On this classic, io style map you will notice things reminding whirlpools. They are harmless. Go into them and get a small speed boost. It is very effective when someone is chasing you. Note that the game can freeze when you die, so just press F5 to refresh the page.