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Today’s spotlight is – the game which is quite different from its relatives. You play as a jelly-like micro-organism, but you do not get bigger by consuming objects or other players, but by eating yourself. It sounds awkward, but the game is made like this. In the beginning, you are in a ghost mode, when nobody can harm you. It lasts for 2 minutes or until your first split. Use this time to find a safe place for your upcoming actions. After settling down at a nice place, press 1 or click on: split”, to produce small units. They lose health after some time if you do not feed them, so either group them, by selecting them and then pressing 2 or clicking on “regroup” or feed them to the queen, by pressing 4. Remember that bigger queens can kill you, but small units deal damage to them, so you can kill bigger players if they do not have any units.