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Ahoy our brave seamen. You came here for more adventures and loot? Being greedy is bad, but for the pirate it is acceptable. Like in every game, in, you must go from rags to riches. In the beginning you and some random sailors appear on a raft, which can barely stay above the water. Your character in a cannon, actually so you have to shoot at other ships or rafts and take them down. Once a vessel sinks, supply boxes appear and here you should act quickly to collect them first. Earn gold by personally destroying rafts and then go to the island where you will be able to exchange it for better crafts or upgrades. If you have friends playing this game, send them an invitational link so they appear on your vessel. Important Notice: Once you start a game, a pop-up will appear on top of your browser, asking to disable cursor. Allow it or you will not be able to play the game.