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There is a strange dilemma:”What should I play? I like games about cars, but those io games are astonishing.” Congratulations, it is not a dilemma anymore. All you need is to play It has the spirit of classic io games where you eat/kill small particles and grow your mass, then consume other players. Here you start as an old muscle car, which is very small in size. After reaching level 2, you become a lovely sports car, then a modern muscle car and so on. There are even SUVs and ambulances. If you want to find them all, play wisely. Avoid other cars in the beginning and never touch the red walls. They drain your health very quickly. Another way to become #1 in the leaderboard, is to team up with your friends. You grow separately, then one consumes another and he almost doubles the points. Also, you can try to team up with random people, but it is a very dangerous idea, as they tend to betray to quite often.